In this article, I will show how to create a figure, as shown below, to generate insightful feedback on the learning of a neural network for supervised classification. After training a model, it is useful to track the learner’s progress over epochs. Such feedback can give clues to questions specific to your data structure, such as how many epochs are needed to optimize performance in future iterations, what should the conditions for early stopping be, and which model is likely to perform better on the holdout data.

In this example, I’m using the keras library for my neural net, and…

In my previous article, I described the use of proxies and user-agents in Python to assist in the process of web-scraping. For a professional, production scale quantity of web-scraping, the use of paid proxies and VPNs will be necessary for both the volume and security of the data being scraped. Public proxies will have significant downtime, as their resources can be utilized by anyone. Additionally, the data that passes through them will be unsecured. These public free proxies are often misused, and may themselves be blacklisted by some web services.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The use of paid, private proxies will ensure the most…

Taking on a new data project comes with many challenges. After identifying the problem you want to solve, the next step is getting viable data. Not every project will have a nicely compiled .csv download link with all of the exact features you need. In that situation you need only turn to your good friend, the web scraper.

So you boot it up the script, the status code returns 200, and everything works great for a short while… until it doesn’t. …

Artificial intelligence can potentially detect it in your cough, even if you show no symptoms.

Source: Kian Zhang (Unsplash)

I was browsing Reddit one evening when a headline grabbed my attention. It was an article from Gizmodo about a neural network ‘100 percent accurate’ at detecting COVID in asymptomatic individuals by listening to a phone recording of a cough.

Non-invasive and potentially deployable as a phone app — in the late half of 2020 mid quarantine, a tool like this would be very handy indeed. …

Griffin Hundley

Data Scientist

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